Jacquemond : French Tuner for Porsche cars

French Haute-Couture.

Feb. 1994 – Feb. 2019 : 25 years of Expertise !

any good body shop near you can manage fitting/painting of our parts.

Delivery with fitting instructions, tracking number, and insurance.

We have pleased customers from the USA, UK, Canada, Greece, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia, UAE, Japan, Egypt, Austria, Panama, Curacao, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Thailand, New Zealand, Croatia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Turkey, Brunei, Slovenia, Poland, Lituania, Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, Taiwan, France, …

Porsche 986 Boxster

Eleanor wide body set by Jacquemond

French TV report about the world most famous 986 !


design Studio

for Porsche cars

Parts are made in our factory in France for 25 years.

WideBody sets
We are worldwide famous for our widedody conversions for Porsche 997, 996, Cayman, Boxster and 928. Designed, and produced in our factory in Lyon, in France.
rear wings spoilers
Our parts are known and famous for their very high quality, over the world. We are proud of our job.
fabulous design body parts
french touch, french quality, our parts have the flavour of the French automotive art de vivre. Bumpers, side skirts, mirrors, …

Olivier Jacquemond

Master designer