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Boxster Eleanor WideBody Set

Create your own hyper car with Jacquemond.

We are looking for private investors to create a new rear wing spoiler for Mustang 2018.

Create your own HyperCar
with Jacquemond.

We mainly work on 997, 996, Cayman, and 928 models from Porsche.
In 24 years, we reached a very high level of design for those cars.
We developped so many parts for them, that you and we can create your own HyperCar, with wide sets, Lamborghini’style elytral doors, sport wings, …
This is a fabulous adventure to create YOUR own Porsche car, with us.

Made in Lyon, in France.

Olivier Jacquemond
Master Designer.
International sales manager.

2 brothers who have the same passion for Sport cars.
24 years of know-how for your Porsche and Ferrari cars.

Christian Jacquemond
Master in Fibers.
Production manager.