Design by Jacquemond : Body parts for Porsche 992 997 996 Cayman


Design by Jacquemond

Spoilers, wings, body kits, widebody kits
for Porsche 992 997 996 Cayman Boxster 928 and Ferrari 599.

Olivier Jacquemond Porsche designer

Olivier Jacquemond

Editorial Nov 20th.

I often talk about the high quality of Jacquemond parts. I wanted to explain what quality means. This is what quality you will receive by purchasing poor quality “Chinese” parts. The raw materials are low-end, the finishes are non-existent, the part twists, splits, tears away and has no rigidity. A photo is enough to understand that on a valuable Porsche you cannot install poor quality parts. For your safety, but also because you can't do anything with a Porsche.
Never forget "Quality is remembered long after Price is forgotten"




Jacquemond quality parts
Jacquemond quality parts
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We often fit our parts in our own workshop in Lyon, in France, so we know you won't have any fitment issues.

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