Design by Jacquemond : Body parts for Porsche 992 997 996 Cayman

give your own personality to your Porsche,
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Design by Jacquemond
Body parts for Porsche 992 997 996 Cayman Boxster 928 and Ferrari 599.

We often fit our parts in our own workshop in Lyon, in France, so we know you won't have any fitment problems.

997GT3 Evocation rear wing hood by Jacquemond

Since 1994, we have been creating, developing and manufacturing personalization elements for the various Porsche models.
We have a production unit and another assembly unit located near Lyon, France.
We offer a wide range of components for the « Millenials » models of which we are famous specialists (997, 996, Cayman, Boxster, 928), as well as for much more recent models (992 and Ferrari 599).

We ship our parts all over the world for assembly / painting by your usual bodyshop, near you. Each of our elements has been developed for easy assembly, with great attention to quality. And the fact that our elements are frequently assembled in our own workshop, guarantees this easy installation.

Darus rear wing for Porsche 996 by Jacquemond.
997Lyon wide body set for Porsche 997 by Jacquemond

Over the past 30 years we have created some of the most beautiful Porsches in the world. Featured in magazines, on social media, or on TV.We are particularly proud of our creations, and it is with pleasure that we take the time to advise each client so that they find with us the elements that will make their Porsche totally to their liking.

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