SportLook-09 widebody kit

SportLook-09 wide body kit

for Porsche 996 coupe, Targa, Convertible, Carrera/4, Mk1, Mk2


Front set with 997 style, wide rear, 997-09 taillights.


We developed the 997Look kit, combining the Facelift997 at the front and wide fenders at the rear. It retained the 996 rear lights. When Porsche launched the 997/2009 model year, we immediately set about modifying the rear with these new lights. Creating the SportLook-09. We obtained the first lights at the end of summer 2008, and we presented this kit in September, at the same time as Porsche delivered its first 997-2009! Many people believed when they saw our first 997-SportLook-09 that it was the new 997-2009!

    • Made in our factory in Lyon, France
    • High quality parts
    • Worldwide shipping
    • 3 to 4 weeks for production
    • 30 years of know-how
    • Front bumper
    • 2 front fenders
    • 2 lights brackets
    • 2 semi-harnesses
    • Rear wide fender flares
    • Side skirts
    • Rear bumper
    • Extra headlights, LED Foglights, side markers, Taillights, are also available